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NOTE: All forms available on this page must be printed out on plain white paper using your own computer printer. You can then type or print on the form to fill it out and either deliver or mail it to the appropriate agency. Currently, the only form available to be filled out online is the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles Change of Address form.


Form/Report Description

Motor Vehicle Accident

Operatorís Report Form

Massachusetts law requires that you submit an accident report for any motor vehicle accident that results in injury to any involved party, or property damage in excess of $1000, within 5 days of the accident. Accident reports are available by clicking the link or at any police station. When you fill out the report, you should make three copies:
  • mail the original copy to the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles at the address printed on the accident form
  • submit one copy to the police department in the city or town in which the accident occurred

  • keep a third copy for your records.

Police Report Request Form Copies of reports may be available on written request. In some cases a fee may be charged. It is the policy of this department that all reports must go through a review procedure before being released and may not be immediately available. The release of police reports is strictly controlled by the Freedom of Information Act.
No Trespass Form Print this form and call us for instructions.
Driver History This form is used to request an official copy of your MA driving history (record) from the Registry of Motor Vehicles. Most often this is requested by employers or other states if you are trying to obtain a license to operate a motor vehicle in another state. You can also request a copy for yourself if, for example, you disagree with your insurance company and are contesting surcharges that appear on your bill. Currently there is a $10.00 fee to obtain a copy of your driving record.
Personal Criminal Information A copy of your own Massachusetts criminal record may be obtained by following the directions on this form. Please note it is unlawful to request or require a person to provide a copy of his criminal offender record information, except as authorized by the Criminal History Systems Board, as per MGL c. 6 s. 172.
Publicly Accessible MA CORI It is lawful to request a copy of another persons publicly accessible adult conviction record. Follow the directions on the form.
FID License Application This form is used to apply for or renew a Massachusetts license to carry firearms (LTC) or firearms identification card (FID). Please note that the licensing requirements for firearms in Massachusetts changed drastically in 1998. To review the changes that may be applicable to you or your situation, visit our FID & Firearms Permits page. Please read the instructions on that page before filling out this form.
FID Change of Address This form is used to make a change of address notification if you have a license to own or carry firearms.
Registry Change of Address This form is used to inform the Registry of Motor Vehicles of a change of address. You can also fill out this form online directly from the Registry of Motor Vehicles. No paper forms or mailings are required. Click here to fill out this form online.